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Conditions of RENTAL

Rental with no km limits, no driver and no gas.

It's prohibited the tranfer of the vehicle on the continent.
Minimum of Rental is one day.
The rental period is calculated in days.
In case of delivery delay of more than 30 minutes, you will be charged an extra day of rental, and intermediate periods are calculated as a whole day.
The client is responsible for the normal use of the vehicle, as well as its proper use and maintenance.
It's obliged for the client to the return to the agency to provide for the payment of any eventual disputed fines during the rental period, otherwise the rental car agency
will make the use of the art.196 e 84 of the new road code, and will act against the actual customer offender as required by the law.
The rates include R.C.A. under the applicable laws insurance.
In case of road accidents/total theft/partial theft/the renter agrees to pay the damages suffered to the vehicle at the return to the agency.

Information and Contacts

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Fax +39 0922 1836898
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address Via Roma 173, 92010 Lampedusa (AG)